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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our General FAQ section. If you have question about our service and software, you should find the answers below. If you have a particular question that is not here, please contact us and we'll get an answer to you as quickly as possible.

Can Backup247 access my files?

Each user creates an individual username and password. This means that each user also creates a unique encryption key. This encryption key ensures that while your data is securely stored at our data centre, only you have access to decrypt your files. In fact, even our most privileged Backup247 systems administrators do not have the ability to decrypt and view your data. Your data is completely safe and private at all times.

Why should I backup my data offsite?

Storing a backup of your business data offsite means your data is protected in the case of a disaster such as computer hardware failure, fire, flood, robbery or even disgruntled employees deleting data.

Why should I backup my data online?

Online backup has several advantages over traditional backup methods, such as backup to disc or tape:

  • Online backup (also known as Remote Backup) does not require user intervention; No tapes to change, no CDs to label, No USB drive left behind in the office.
  • Online backup maintains your data offsite. Perhaps the most important aspect of backing up is that backups are stored in a different location from the original data.
  • Traditional backup requires manually taking the backup media offsite.
  • Online backup software uses a retention period for your data; meaning it keeps multiple versions of your files, making it easy to restore data from alternative dates.
  • Online backup is often far more convenient than other methods of backup, as there are fewer steps to be taken by the user. Fewer steps mean fewer things to go wrong or be forgotten.

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Backup247's online backup service is fully automated, making it simple and easy to ensure that your critical data will always be safe.

And their associated data will be removed and stored data deleted after 45 days.

Is it Secure?

Backup247's software uses ultra secure 256 bit AES encryption for data encryption prior to and during transfer of data between your computer and our servers. The same level of encryption is also applied to your data while stored on our servers. This encryption key is known only to you and is not stored by Backup247. Without it the backup files are useless to anyone.

Where is my data stored?

Both our Primary and disaster recovery data site are located in Melbourne Australia; by default no Australian data is stored outside Australia unless requested by the customer with an additional replication purchase order.

Can I upload my data from USB Hard Drive?

Backup247 offers users with large storage requirements the ability to seed load their backup data onto portable USB media such as USB hard drives and USB Flash memory and physically ship the media to Backup247 to be seeded (loaded) on the servers. The seed load data is encrypted then compressed and loaded onto the portable drives using the same backup software that is used to transmit the data to the data centre via TCPIP.

How do I backup?

Once your backup is scheduled, the backup job will start automatically at the desired time. See our Quick Start Guide for details on how to configure a backup job.

What can I backup?

Thanks to its built-in agents, Backup247 backup software is able to back up open files, live databases such as SQL, MySQL, MYOB and a wide variety of operating systems (including Windows Server 2008, 2012 and of course windows Vista, 7 and 8 and all version s on the Apples Mac software). In fact, we think this product is so versatile; if you find something that you cant backup and we want to know about it so we can work out how you can!

What should I backup?

There are no hard and fast rules for what you should backup. As a guideline, we recommend that you backup whatever would be necessary to continue running your business in a catastrophic event. At a bare minimum, we recommend this should include your accounting software files, client database and emails and documents.

Can I backup multiple computers on one account?

Yes. Install the backup client software and configure a backup set for each individual machine, contact support for more information on how this is done.

How do I know my backups are working?

After each backup job is run, you'll receive a full email backup report, listing all the files that have been backed up. As you backup is fully managed Backup247s support team also monitors the status of backups and the software itself has inbuilt file verification.

What internet connection do I need?

An ADSL broadband or cable connection is recommended, however a dial-up or 3G/4G connections can also be used thanks to our In-File Delta technology.

How can I backup a large data set?

Should your initial upload contain a large amount of data to backup, it could take considerable time to perform the first full backup across your Internet connection. Using the Seed Loading facility, your backup set can be first copied to a removable hard drive or DVD, and then transported directly to our data centre. Your files will then be loaded onto to our servers. Please contact us for more details if this service is applicable to your needs.

How much are my files compressed before being uploaded?

The compression ratio of your files depends upon their content, however most documents are compressed to 25-50% of their original size.

What is In-File Delta?

In-File Delta technology allows for the backup of very large files over low speed internet connections. When the backup job runs, a delta file containing only changes made to the files in your backup set is generated. As it is these files that are uploaded, bandwidth and data transfer requirements are kept to a minimum.

How do I restore?

With Backup247 you can restore your data either to the original location using the OBM software or log in to the backup server via a web browser from an alternate location. You can also restore previous versions of your backups that are still held on the server. Please see our Quick Start Guide for details.

I have a laptop computer that is not always connected to the internet; can I still use your service?

Yes. The backup client software can perform an Off-line backup locally and automatically upload the backup data when connected to the internet. This Off-line feature is designed for notebook users who are off-line most of the time and cannot rely on backup schedule to backup regularly. The backup interval allows a notebook user to specify the interval between backups. When this interval elapses, the backup will run automatically when the machine is next online.

Can I change my encrypting key?

Once the encrypting key is set, it cannot be changed. This is necessary to retain the integrity of the Backup Set, making sure that backup data is only encrypted by one key.

Should resetting an encrypting key be absolutely necessary, the backup set will need to be recreated and encrypted with a new encryption key.

Can I still use applications when doing online backups?

Yes. Our advanced software can backup applications data while the application is still running. Particularly, we have special agents for MS Exchange Server, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Lotus Notes and MySQL, which allows these applications to be backed up while they are online. Using Volume Shadow Copy we are also able to backup other types of applications while they are online. For example Outlook PST files.

How do I pay?

Backup247 accepts payments by direct debit and credit card payments from Visa, MasterCard and American Express, all are taken payments through our secure payment portal. All transactions are made using industry standard encryption and recurring payments are automatically deducted from your bank account or credit card every month.

Don't forget, you can also try out our service before committing to buy with our absolutely free for 30 days Trial.

How do I sign up?

Click here to sign up or you can run a software trial. To continue using the service after the trial period, simply visit our registration page and fill out the sign up form. Well take care of the rest. The 30 day trial is absolutely free and with no obligation whatsoever.

Note: Trial accounts are limited to 20GB. Unconverted trial accounts

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