Access Your Files


Automatic Backup

After initial setup of the backup software, offsite backups will be performed as scheduled automatically without requiring human effort.

In-File Data Technology

The greatest obstacle with large files (over 25MB) backup via the Internet is massive backup time. In-file delta technology is an advanced data block matching algorithm which has the intelligence to detect the changes between two files. With this technology, sub-sequence the Backup247 will only upload the changes to the file, or in other words delta of a file to the off-site backup server, making the backup of large file very fast.

Backup Open Files

The Backup247 backup software uses VSS technology allowing you to have a backup of your email or documents even while open and in use.

Email & Address Book Backup

The backup software is capable of performing a daily backup your Microsoft Outlook and/or Outlook Express email and address book with just a few simple clicks.

Easy To User with Friendly Australian Technical Support

The software interface of Backup247 backup Software is designed to simply allow users to handle backup/restore operations and complete administration tasks easily within a few clicks.

In the event you have a question or would like some training or help, our friendly Australian support department a just an email or phone call away.

Easy & Fast Restoration

Users can choose to restore the entire backup or choose the individual files or folders they wish to restore. They can also choose to restore to the original location or can restore to a different location.

Email Backup Confirmation Report

The Backup247 backup servers automatically send detailed email backup report to confirm the status of each backup, so you have complete peace of mind.

Web Management Access

The backup software allows for restoration of data from either the backup software or via logging in to the Web Management Interface on at access to the web management console can be done anywhere in the world with Internet access.

Advanced File Retention features

The Backup247 backup software allows users to restore previous versions of the same file. Overwritten or deleted files are no longer a problem, with advanced retention available for the Australian Medical industry.

Advanced Backup Filter

Our advanced Backup filter allows users to select types of files to exclude or include in their backup.

Completely Secure

The backup software compresses and encrypts your data to a minimum standard of 256 bit AES bank grade encryption before it leaves your computer or server and is sent to the Backup247 Australian network.

Completely Private

Each user creates an individual username and password. This means that each user also creates a unique encryption key. This encryption key ensures that while your data is securely stored at our data centre, only you have access to decrypt your files. In fact, even our most privileged Backup247 systems administrators do not have the ability to decrypt and view your data. Your data is completely safe and private at all times.

Multiple Platform Support

Our backup software runs on all leading operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Apple Mac.

Comprehensive Logging

The backup software allows users to see the results of backups by checking the daily logs and monthly statistics; this is quick and simple and only takes a few clicks, we are happy to explain and train staff you use these tools.

SQL & MySQL Backup Support

Our advanced backup client software comes with a native SQL and MySQL database support. Allowing easy backup SQL and MySQL databases while being is used.

Microsoft Exchange Information Backup Support

The Backup247 backup software comes with native Microsoft Exchange Information Store backup enabled as default. This allows backup of the complete Exchange Mail Information Store.

Microsoft Exchange Mail Level Backup Support

The Backup247 backup software has optional Microsoft Exchange Mail Level backup on individual exchange mailboxes; this enables the restoration of deleted mail messages, folders, contacts or calendar entries without restoring the entire information store. Giving you a complete backup of you on your Exchange server.

Lotus Notes & Lotus Domino Backup Support

Our backup software has optional modules to backup Lotus Notes and Domino servers.

Oracle Data Backup Support

Our backup software has optional module to backup and unlimited number of Oracle databases.

Virtual Machines Backup

Backup and restore virtual machines running on Microsoft Windows Hyper-V, VMware ESX, ESXi Server or VMware Server 2.0+

30 Day Free Trial

  • 15 Gb storage quota
  • Bank grade security
  • All operating systems
  • Easy download and setup

Backup247 Plan

  • Business data & records
  • Company emails
  • Customer records
  • Personal files
  • Photos and video