Access Your Files

How Secure Is Your Data?

Your files are protected using 256bit AES Encryption before they leave your system. This extremely secure bank grade encryption algorithm has never been cracked. Your data is always stored in this encrypted state at our secure data centre.

Can Backup247 access my files?

Each user creates an individual username and password. This means that each user also creates a unique encryption key. This encryption key ensures that while your data is securely stored at our data centre, only you have access to decrypt your files. In fact, even our most privileged Backup247 systems administrators do not have the ability to decrypt and view your data. Your data is completely safe and private at all times.

End-to-End File Verification

Each file that is backed up to our data centre is verified of its integrity against known CRC errors. Files are revivified each time they are written to disk. If any file fails verification, it is retransmitted from your computer or server or recovered from the replica server. This ensures that the data stored on our servers is the same data that was stored on your computer or server.

Data Locations

Both our Primary and disaster recovery data site are located in Melbourne Australia; by default no Australian data is stored outside Australia unless requested by the customer with an additional replication purchase order.

Physical Site Security

Primary and replication servers are located in secure data centres that are alarmed with controlled access and 24 hour surveillance and have full power, temperature control and fire protection.

All servers and SANS are in are physically locked and are stored in locked racks (without keyboards, mice or monitors connected to them. They are also password protected, accessible only via a restricted IP Address and via hidden a port.

Data Encryption

All customer data stored on the Backup247 system is strongly encrypted. Customers’ data is never transmitted or stored in unencrypted form. This includes transmission between the Backup247 client software that is installed on client computers and the Backup247 storage servers, as well as the data during replication. The Backup247 website uses SSL encryption to secure all pages that display or transmit customer data or account information.

Encryption Algorithms

By default, the Backup247 software encrypts backup data using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). AES was adopted in 2001 by the US Government as the encryption standard for data classified as top secret after a 5-year testing and standardisation process. AES has been analysed extensively and is now used worldwide. Backup247 customers can choose Two-fish or Triple DES as an alternative to AES if they desire.

Encrypting Key Protection

All encryption and decryption of backup data takes place on the client computer. Data is encrypted before it is transmitted to the Backup247 servers for storage. When data is restored; the data is decrypted on the client computer after it is retrieved from the Backup247 storage system. During the set-up of the Backup247 client software on the customer’s computer, the user is prompted to enter an encryption key for each backup set created. The encrypting key is stored on the customer’s computer and is never transmitted over TCPIP to Backup247 or any other location. Backup files cannot be decrypted without the encrypting key. Since the encrypting key is never transmitted to the Backup247 servers, there is no way for any administrator, technician, engineer, or other person at Backup247 to gain access to your data in usable form. Even in the unlikely event of a security breach at the data centre; there is virtually no risk of customer files being exposed to unauthorised viewing, assuming that a sufficiently Secure encrypting key was selected by the customer. While customers can allow their encryption key to default to their password, this does not pose a serious security threat. Backup247 does not store passwords in unencrypted form. Only a hashed version of the password is stored for each customer account. The hashed password cannot be used to decrypt data, even if the customer allowed the encrypting key to default to their password.

Seed Load Encryption

Backup247 offers users with large storage requirements the ability to seed load their backup data onto portable USB media such as USB hard drives and USB Flash memory and physically ship the media to Backup247 to be seeded (loaded) on the servers. The seed load data is encrypted then compressed and loaded onto the portable drives using the same backup software that is used to transmit the data to the data centre via TCPIP.

Emergency Restore Encryption

In the event that a customer experiences an emergency and needs to restore a large amount of data; Backup247 will load the data onto portable USB media such as USB hard drives or USB Flash drives and express post or hand deliver the data to the customer. Since Backup247 does not store any data in unencrypted form, the data that is loaded onto the media to be sent to the customer site is already encrypted with the customer’s encrypting key.

The Backup247 software can be used to restore and decrypt the data from the media only with the correct decryption key.

Note: there is a charge for emergency restore services. Once the drives are returned, the drives are low level formatted clean before they are reused for any purpose.

Network Security

Backup247 servers are isolated behind dedicated firewalls. Minimal ports are open and accessible from outside of the physical network segments where the servers reside. Administrative access is tightly controlled and only available to a few selected IP address.

Media Retirement

Backup247 is continuously upgrading equipment and expanding storage. During normal maintenance and upgrade operations certain drives maybe retired. These drives contain strongly encrypted data and they are also members of RAID sets making them virtually impossible to decipher. As an extra security measure, the drives are wiped clean using a multi-pass data wiping technology before the drives destroyed to a T4 Standard.

LTO5 Backup Tapes are also formatted and professionally destroyed at the end of life their cycle.

Threat Assessment

Due to the strong encryption of the backup data and customer information, the only known threats that would expose customer data involve the selection and protection of passwords and encryption keys by the customers. Use of weak or easily guessed passwords may allow an unauthorised person to gain access to the contents of your data.

Physical threats

Physical threats to the data centre facilities and severe denial of service attacks are addressed by our secondary recovery site. Physical data centre addresses are not published in an effort to make a simultaneous attack on multiple data centres more difficult and less likely to affect the availability of Backup247 backup data. In addition, the Backup247 network segments at the secondary facilities are completely blocked from public access during normal operation. Certain detailed information such as network configuration, firewall configuration, router information and data centre locations, security procedures, and other security related configuration information is kept confidential to avoid giving potential attackers’ information that can be used to plan an attack.

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