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Multiple Computers

With Backup247 you can backup multiple computers, servers and laptops from a single account!

We understand your network has lots of different computer and server equipment with different roles, often more than one machine needs to be backed up. So, with Backup247 can setup and manage multiple servers, computers or laptops using a single backup account by creating a new backupset on each computer or server.

Each computer or server Backupset will have its own data selection (backup source), retention policy and backup schedule. The computers, laptops and servers don’t have to be in the same physical location, but they will have access to restore data from the other Backupsets.

A separate account is required if the data is to remain completely private from the other computers being backed up on a shared account.

30 Day Free Trial

  • 15 Gb storage quota
  • Bank grade security
  • All operating systems
  • Easy download and setup

Backup247 Plan

  • Business data & records
  • Company emails
  • Customer records
  • Personal files
  • Photos and video