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Data Retention

Data retention is the storage of deleted or over written files, these can be documents, AutoCAD drawing, databases and even deleted emails, in fact all data backed up is retained.

The Backup247 advanced retention policy allows you to configure a more flexible retention policy. It allows you to keep a set of snapshots of all backup files, emails and databases based on the time of the backup Jobs or number of days. For example, you can configure the advanced retention policy to keep the following sets of backup files to mimic the retention policy of the old days when you were still doing tape rotations:

Common retention is to keep deleted or over written files for 30 days and or for important project work 365 days.

For more information about the retention features available in the Backup247 software fill in the enquiry form in our contact area. Alternatively you can call our sales team on 1300 661 105 or email with your retention requirements.

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